A comprehensive assessment process will be undertaken with each new referral received at Josey Sharpe Occupational Therapy. During this session, a parent interview takes place, as well as your child completing a range of standardised and informal assessments. This helps our OTs to get a good understanding of your child’s current skills, strengths and areas of concern.

Prior to assessments, we do our best to make contact with your child’s teacher to gain their input – with your permission. Following assessment, a formal report will be supplied to parents and other involved professionals (as requested). Results of the assessment will help guide future therapy, if this is required. If your child has a current assessment, please let us know as this is a costly process and may not need to be redone.

Individual therapy

Weekly or fortnightly individual sessions are tailored to the child’s specific level of development. Where possible, parents are encouraged to be actively involved in these sessions so that we can show them how to further develop their child’s program at home.

Mobile (School, Preschool or Home Based) Occupational Therapy

Sometimes it is just not possible with busy schedules to get to different services, which is why Josey Sharpe Occupational Therapy offers a mobile service. We can bring therapy to your home or your child’s educational setting. At other times, it is necessary to provide therapy in the environment in which the child needs to learn and develop. We can support educational staff and all those involved in helping your child learn and grow.

Joint sessions with your child’s other therapists

Occupational therapy can be combined with your child’s other treating therapists. We frequently combine occupational therapy and speech therapy or occupational therapy and psychology at our Penrith clinic. We would welcome any professionals into our treatment space and work together to provide the most effective sessions for your child.


Service Cost
1 hour clinic session $190
45 min clinic session $142.50
30 min clinic session $95
45 min local mobile $152.50
45 min non local $190
Progress report $190
Full occupational therapy assessment and report $550

Are you looking for professional, friendly occupational therapy in the Penrith or Blue Mountains area? We have both clinic-based and mobile therapy (in your home or school). Please contact us to find out how we can help.

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